Through It All

by Counteractive

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released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Pissed and Nailed
When will people realize
When will people start to say that there’s nothing democratic about our democracy?
Still they cast their votes
Still they fly their flags
Still there’s fucking people dying in the fucking strees
I can’t believe they really think that we are free
They eat up all the bullshit
It’s all that we are left with
Maybe if they weren’t so blind maybe they would see
This star spangled nation is the furthest thing from free

We won’t give in
Fight back
We won’t give up

Now it’s time for us to revolt and take a stand
There isn’t much compassion for people that don’t fall in line
We can’t run away
They can’t even look us in the eyes and see that we’ve
Got the right to our own say
Well I won’t listen to you
We all know that’s bullshit
The power they have all of it
I don’t wanna be worthless and abused
Anymore cause I’m poor this is fuckin all I know

A future from them we may be owed but we gotta make a future for our own selves
We gotta work together to make these things right
Never back down never fall out from the fight
Live a pointless life, give it all away
No, it’s time to take it back they won’t control us anymore
We’re gonna live you’re gonna die
Break it down
Break it down
Break that fucking wall down
Track Name: No Regrets
I see the only freedom I can find
You look to see it but you know it’s blind
Shut your eyes and shut your mouth trap it up don’t let it out
Close off your mind

Who are you to judge me?

While you’re looking to see
What the threat is from me
Just remember I’m here because it’s mine

You keep looking deeper now you know
Your blind hatred for it starts to grow
But it’s all gonna be too late, my way works for me
And now where does it go?

Who are you to judge me?

I’m only gonna get one chance
And through it all I hope it will last
But I just can’t live with regret

All die we’re all gonna die
All the decisions that we have to make
They form our lives just like the risks that we take
These are the only things we really can own
You need to live it now while you’re still alive because
All die we’re all gonna die

Now you hate me now you turn away
So I guess there’s nothing left to say
Live your life and I’ll live mine
But we’ll soon be out of time
It’s the price we pay

Now we’re all dead
Track Name: Useless and Fed Up
All your life they fed you lies

Your whole life in indecision
Useless and fed up with tension
Now you need to find a way
Or sit in the dark and stay

Complacent in the mediocre
Life is just a game to see
Which ones wind up in the alleys
Or which ones will stomp on your dreams

Now I will stand up and say
It’s my life
The problems just won’t go away
It’s my life
It’s not yours to fucking choose
It’s my life
I guess there’s nothing left to lose
It’s my life

All your life they fed you lies

Tension, tension it keeps building
Cheating what you thought was hate
Bloodstains on the walls revive a feeling it might be too late
First you saw her face
Then it was all lost
Your life was taken from you
And now you still pay the cost
Track Name: Time For Change
Take a look at this scene
What do you see
Is it unity and freedom which we’re claiming to stand for
Do we live up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves
Or is it just another game of who knows who
Fucking bullshit gossip and lies
It makes me sick when egos hinder change in a scene where that’s the fucking goal

Nothing’s ever gonna change

Sick to see this scene go this direction
Another social sect is all I can see
Reject all this bullshit and drama
Do my part to put it how I thought it should be

It’s a sham the kids are left outside
While you were spreading lies
We fail to open eyes
We gotta fucking stand for something
Or we’ll put our backs to the wall
We gotta shout and stand up tall
This is our voice this is our chance
To use what we got take our fucking stand and here’s our shot
We can’t let it rot from the inside
We are equal and we all count

Well we gotta work together
We try to be
More than just a platform for your social scrutiny
It will be a long road
It won’t be easy to arrange
But something’s gotta break cause it’s time for change
Track Name: Imperialist Dog
How did it get so big, It’s grown out of control
Something has to be done now
This dog has run amuck marking its territory
Going wherever it pleases now
Somebody needs to take a paper and teach that dog a lesson
Yeah you gotta do your duty
The dog really needs to learn to respect its owners
He’s alive because we let him be

Who really rules
We seem to be confused
How much do we lose before
We put that dog to sleep

How many times do you gotta say bad fucking dog
Before you take action yeah
He must be deaf why doesn’t he know the right from wrong
What an ignorant canine
It makes no sense maybe it’s his doggy religion
That tells him what to do yeah
I say take the hand of truth and grab him by the tail
Pull him back where he belongs
Track Name: Broken Kids
Where do I want to go what do I want to learn?
Where can I find a place that’s not been burned?
What can I use to measure what I’ve earned?

Hate and injustice are all that I see
Can we justify a reaction where we fall to lies?
Well no I’m not gonna die

Not this Not this
I won’t be bought or sold
And I won’t trust the sharp end of the knife
Not this Not this
Crass corrupted corporate culture
Fuck off cause I run my life

Is it just a relationship
Or a result of all the choices we make
When we’re being judged?

We’re not, I won’t
Fall prey to life
And I won’t throw it all away
When I lose my stride

Well we’re just working class kids
Trying to find hope in a world
That’s left us out in the cold

We’re gonna do what we can
To rise up and take a stand
We won’t take the fall for you

We’re not gonna change our aims
And you’re not gonna get our names
We have nothing but disdain for you
I know I won’t win but I’ve got to try
It means the fucking world to me
Track Name: Go Political
Go political

Pretend they really care
We fucking let them
Promote religious laws
We fucking let them
Send the kids to war
We fucking let them
A million people dead
We fucking let them

Go Political

We fucking let them
Track Name: Blind
We’ve been silent too long now it’s time we had our say
It’s exploitation nothing less – It is what it is
A banner of hope stained with our blood and sweat
A flag for those making sure their message isn’t dead
I don’t know how to feel when I look at you
We’re all struck blind, what are we to do?
Rebellion dies it’s no surprise all this hate and all these lies
So just hide your head and cry when it is your time to die

Be another power pawn for you
Us because we know it’s nothing new
All your laws and throw it all away
We’ve been silent too long now
It’s time we had our say

Striken blind
By our braindead culture
No surprise
In the eulogy they wrote down
All the lies
It took for them to rape
Us with our own words with our own invitation

This is our life
This is our voice
It’s not your fucking product
And it’s not your fucking choice

We’ve been silten too long now we’ve got something to say
It’s a sin against us all but there is no one left to pray
The explanation given was enough to calm the crowd
Well I can see the way home but that’s really not enough for me
Track Name: Rise Up
If I needed a meal to eat
And I was stuck out in the street
I would take what I could get
What’s morality when you ain’t got shit?

The people that got nothing
And they get nothing back from society
Do you really believe that they’re any worse than me or than you?
And inside this society, we’re taught these people should stay unseen
And because of your ignorance you close your eyes and keep your hands clean

No one steals because of race
Religion gender or ethnic creed
Between the rich and poor there’s so much space
Their crime stems from their poverty

The reason there is so much space
The injustice that class war creates
You’re a soldier in this war
Guarding status from the poor
Form an army to survive
This is just to stay alive
The rich control but will control no more
This is what we’re fighting for

The people will have something
We just need to work together
Don’t sit around and be apathetic
Don’t accept this bullshit brain dead culture

The people will rise up
Track Name: Don't Care
Walking down the street
Don’t know where I’m going
And you know I just don’t care
As the people pass by snap back to reality
You know they fucking love to stare
Well I ain’t gonna hear it and I ain’t gonna listen
To anything that you say
I’m gonna do what I want – I don’t give a shit
I’m gonna live life my own way

So spike your hair and fuck it up
You only get one go at this
Cause there’s nothing like beating the system
Realize you’re not the culprit

I got the squad
I know who I trust
And I know what I call home
We’ve come a long way we got a long way to go
We walk that lonely road
With all this competition in this power hungry system
Well I never could agree
Do what you want but someday you’re gonna realize
That a vote won’t make you free
Track Name: Entropy
Dead cities here – Dead cities there
Dead cities fucking everywhere
People starving in the streets
Can’t even get enough to eat
Do you even fucking care
People dying everywhere
It’s a slow form of decay
The issues that we face today

Does it all seem fair?
Bombs are always in the air
Send the poor to kill the poor
What are we even fighting for
A chance at something better than this
For fucks that never gave a piss
Making sure their profits grow
Yet we’re always in the hole

What the hell we fighting for?
We don’t need them anymore
What the hell we fighting for?
Never ending class war

Entropy – It is the fucking issue
Ordered system die
And that’s the fucking truth
The less fortunate fade away
It doesn’t have to be this way
If you’d start to give a shit
Put some energy into it

What does it add up to?
What more can we do?
Keep reaching out
Keep reaching out
This is what it’s all about
We can make a change right now
We can make a change right now
We can make a change right now
Track Name: Please Go Away
I look around and what I see
Is a bunch of people buying someone else’s dreams
Well I won’t live that way
I know what I want I know
Their ideas of success won’t be running my life
I may not turn out rich but I’m alright

Don’t buy into it because it’s true
They’ll known you down and beat you black and blue
Cut you deep and take your life away
Like a razor’s blade

Drop their dreams and drop their plans
Start living up to the demands
Throw everything away and start living that American dream
Do they even think? Well I don’t think they do
Don’t buy into it because it’s true

Spend your days living in fear
Got your status got your career
Your pretense is shit
I don’t fucking want to hear it
Do you even think? Well I don’t think you do
Your kind make me sick please go away

They have no concerns or cares for you
Don’t believe their lies because it’s true
You are just a number be aware
Cause all those fucking bastards just don’t care
Track Name: Don't Waste My Time
Is this the life you want to live?
Are you gonna lose it now?
You’ve got nothing left to give
Well you better take a look at what it costs
Cause time and self control aren’t the only things you’ve lost

Well now I start to see just what you really are
Who I knew is lost now and what is left is just a scar
Well I’m not gonna be there to catch you when you fall
My respect for you is dead
You shot it in your arm

Just don’t even look at me
Time to choose
Cause I just don’t wanna see
Time to choose
You better try now to clean this mess
Time to choose
Cause you’ve got a lot to lose and nothing to gain
Time to choose

It’s time to choose – It’s time to choose
Are you gonna live your life or are you gonna fucking lose?
Cause once you’re there there’s no way out
You better look now cause it’s…

Time to choose
It’s too hard to sit and be a part of this
Time to choose
It tears me up to watch I wish that you could see
Time to choose
Just what the fuck you’re doing to me

Is this the life you want to life?
Are you gonna lose it now?
You’ve got nothing left to give
Well you better take a look at what it costs
Cause time and self control aren’t the only things you’ve lost

I really hope you don’t turn away
Cause I don’t want to lose you but I really just can’t stay
So come down here – Cut yourself from the line
But if you’re gonna use me like this…