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We’ve been silent too long now it’s time we had our say
It’s exploitation nothing less – It is what it is
A banner of hope stained with our blood and sweat
A flag for those making sure their message isn’t dead
I don’t know how to feel when I look at you
We’re all struck blind, what are we to do?
Rebellion dies it’s no surprise all this hate and all these lies
So just hide your head and cry when it is your time to die

Be another power pawn for you
Us because we know it’s nothing new
All your laws and throw it all away
We’ve been silent too long now
It’s time we had our say

Striken blind
By our braindead culture
No surprise
In the eulogy they wrote down
All the lies
It took for them to rape
Us with our own words with our own invitation

This is our life
This is our voice
It’s not your fucking product
And it’s not your fucking choice

We’ve been silten too long now we’ve got something to say
It’s a sin against us all but there is no one left to pray
The explanation given was enough to calm the crowd
Well I can see the way home but that’s really not enough for me


from Through It All, released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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