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Dead cities here – Dead cities there
Dead cities fucking everywhere
People starving in the streets
Can’t even get enough to eat
Do you even fucking care
People dying everywhere
It’s a slow form of decay
The issues that we face today

Does it all seem fair?
Bombs are always in the air
Send the poor to kill the poor
What are we even fighting for
A chance at something better than this
For fucks that never gave a piss
Making sure their profits grow
Yet we’re always in the hole

What the hell we fighting for?
We don’t need them anymore
What the hell we fighting for?
Never ending class war

Entropy – It is the fucking issue
Ordered system die
And that’s the fucking truth
The less fortunate fade away
It doesn’t have to be this way
If you’d start to give a shit
Put some energy into it

What does it add up to?
What more can we do?
Keep reaching out
Keep reaching out
This is what it’s all about
We can make a change right now
We can make a change right now
We can make a change right now


from Through It All, released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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