Pissed and Nailed

from by Counteractive

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When will people realize
When will people start to say that there’s nothing democratic about our democracy?
Still they cast their votes
Still they fly their flags
Still there’s fucking people dying in the fucking strees
I can’t believe they really think that we are free
They eat up all the bullshit
It’s all that we are left with
Maybe if they weren’t so blind maybe they would see
This star spangled nation is the furthest thing from free

We won’t give in
Fight back
We won’t give up

Now it’s time for us to revolt and take a stand
There isn’t much compassion for people that don’t fall in line
We can’t run away
They can’t even look us in the eyes and see that we’ve
Got the right to our own say
Well I won’t listen to you
We all know that’s bullshit
The power they have all of it
I don’t wanna be worthless and abused
Anymore cause I’m poor this is fuckin all I know

A future from them we may be owed but we gotta make a future for our own selves
We gotta work together to make these things right
Never back down never fall out from the fight
Live a pointless life, give it all away
No, it’s time to take it back they won’t control us anymore
We’re gonna live you’re gonna die
Break it down
Break it down
Break that fucking wall down


from Through It All, released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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