Rise Up

from by Counteractive

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If I needed a meal to eat
And I was stuck out in the street
I would take what I could get
What’s morality when you ain’t got shit?

The people that got nothing
And they get nothing back from society
Do you really believe that they’re any worse than me or than you?
And inside this society, we’re taught these people should stay unseen
And because of your ignorance you close your eyes and keep your hands clean

No one steals because of race
Religion gender or ethnic creed
Between the rich and poor there’s so much space
Their crime stems from their poverty

The reason there is so much space
The injustice that class war creates
You’re a soldier in this war
Guarding status from the poor
Form an army to survive
This is just to stay alive
The rich control but will control no more
This is what we’re fighting for

The people will have something
We just need to work together
Don’t sit around and be apathetic
Don’t accept this bullshit brain dead culture

The people will rise up


from Through It All, released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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