Please Go Away

from by Counteractive

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I look around and what I see
Is a bunch of people buying someone else’s dreams
Well I won’t live that way
I know what I want I know
Their ideas of success won’t be running my life
I may not turn out rich but I’m alright

Don’t buy into it because it’s true
They’ll known you down and beat you black and blue
Cut you deep and take your life away
Like a razor’s blade

Drop their dreams and drop their plans
Start living up to the demands
Throw everything away and start living that American dream
Do they even think? Well I don’t think they do
Don’t buy into it because it’s true

Spend your days living in fear
Got your status got your career
Your pretense is shit
I don’t fucking want to hear it
Do you even think? Well I don’t think you do
Your kind make me sick please go away

They have no concerns or cares for you
Don’t believe their lies because it’s true
You are just a number be aware
Cause all those fucking bastards just don’t care


from Through It All, released February 8, 2007




Counteractive Indianapolis, Indiana

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